How to solve the problem of ultra-high liquid level measurement? Rocksensor can help you solve it!


Because the pressure, liquid level, volume or mass of pressure vessels are measured in the market, the differential pressure transmitter is often installed with a remote flange. For vessels with a height less than 10 meters, the application of differential pressure remote transmitter has been quite mature.

However, it is difficult to use double flange remote level transmitter to measure the vessel more than 10 meters. There are mainly the following reasons, inconvenient installation and maintenance;
1. The longer the remote capillary tube is, the greater the influence of temperature is;
2. If the pressure pipe is used for pressure measurement, antifreeze measures should be taken for the pressure pipe in winter, which is costly;
3. The increase of system pipeline increases the risk of leakage and other conditions;
4. The condensation or evaporation of pressure pipeline is easy to block.

Lottingson is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and service of industrial automation sensors and instruments. With a strong and stable R & D team, through decades of experience accumulation, it has rich R & D and instrument application experience in the field of high-precision intelligent pressure and differential pressure transmitter.

Lottingson analyzes the difficulties encountered by customers on site, and uses the principle of double pressure sensor to obtain the height difference of liquid level through the difference between the output of high and low level sensors. And to provide customers with the following two ultra-high liquid level measurement solutions, the perfect solution to the problems encountered by customers.

Scheme 1
The high and low liquid level pressure sensors and transmitters are transmitted through 4 ~ 20mA analog signal cable, and the liquid level difference is obtained by subtracting at the transmitter end.

Scheme 2
The high and low liquid level pressure sensor is connected with the transmitter through digital signal transmission, and the liquid level difference is obtained after the digital operation and processing at the transmitter end.

The ultra-high liquid level measurement solution provided by Rocksensor can be well used in the measurement of ultra-high pressure vessels such as distillation tower / evaporator. At the same time, in the conventional pressure vessels which need accurate volume determination, it can perfectly replace the conventional double flange differential pressure transmitter due to the accurate measurement accuracy.
Rocksensor is committed to improving productivity, quality, energy efficiency and safety. Adhere to the global customer to provide excellence, solid and reliable industrial automation process instrumentation.