Hygienic Application

There is no doubt that health industry, such as food, pharmaceutical, etc., has higher requirements on the material and technology of process detection equipment than traditional industrial fields. In the process monitoring of sanitary applications, such as pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, temperature and flow, Lotensin adheres to the advanced technology and process inheritance of Swiss company, and has a complete set of solutions that meet the requirements of the health field.

Rocksensor's instruments not only provide superior performance and reliable quality, but also provide comprehensive sanitary interface support, such as tri clamp / LDL (line dead leg) / bio Due to the establishment of the manufacturing base in China and years of intensive localization, in addition to the standardized process interface, it further provides customized non-standard order making to industry customers to meet the application needs of almost all industry customers. At the same time, undoubtedly, the provision of localized after-sales service further eliminates the worries of customers.

Rocksensor constantly improves itself and enriches its comprehensive product line, so that customers can choose products more conveniently, quickly and freely according to their own needs.

For example, when measuring the tank level of the liquid dispensing system in the sanitary industry, if the weight of the liquid needs to be accurately measured, our products can not only provide continuous liquid level measurement, but also provide the solution of weighing module, so as to help customers complete the accurate control of liquid mixing or batching.

For example, in the pipeline temperature measurement, in order to meet the extremely high health requirements of some customers, we provide clamping temperature measurement scheme, which is contactless, safe, hygienic and convenient.

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