Low/High Temperature

At present, the maximum temperature of the measuring medium is generally within 410 ℃ on the market. When the medium temperature exceeds 410 ℃, the measuring device is easy to be damaged, which shortens the service life of the product or even directly damages it, which limits its application in some ultra-high temperature measurement occasions. With the continuous development and progress of various industries in the market, the demand for ultra-high temperature medium pressure measurement is more and more. The market urgently needs the application of a new generation of ultra-high temperature remote measurement device which can break through the original performance shackles. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for the industry to improve the maximum medium temperature of the high temperature remote measurement device.

Solar thermal power generation is a very advanced, environment-friendly and energy-saving power generation mode. Its power generation process is very clean and has no pollution to the environment. There are a large number of suitable places with sufficient sunlight in the west of China. However, in the process of power generation, the pressure control, liquid level control and flow control of molten salt medium with ultra-high temperature of nearly 600 ° C are needed.

Rocksensor adopts pressure remote transmission flange and differential pressure remote transmission flange transmitter, and fills the tank with pressure conducting liquid with ultra-high temperature resistance of 600 ℃ in the flange diaphragm box, and then directly installs the flange on the ultra-high temperature molten salt pipeline or tank body of photothermal power generation to obtain the pressure, differential pressure, liquid level or flow signal of molten salt. In addition, the diaphragm double isolation technology is used to fill the tank with conventional pressure conducting silicone oil in the capillary tube, so as to realize the lossless transmission of pressure signal. At the same time, the technology eliminates the on-site cooling facilities and avoids the crystallization of the measured medium due to the decrease of temperature.

Due to the double isolation technology, the product can still work stably at - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ without heat tracing or cooling treatment.

Ultra high temperature pressure remote transmitter

Ultra high temperature differential pressure transmitter

At the same time, Rocksensor ultra-high temperature products adopt the anti vacuum structure design, the materials are fully degassed, the full welding and vacuum filling process control. The product can measure 1kPa (absolute pressure). It can also work accurately and stably at 400 ℃.

On December 28, 2018, China's first 100 MW photovoltaic thermal power station was put into operation on grid, and the ultra-high temperature remote pressure transmitter used in the project was designed and produced by Rocksensor.
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