Support & Services

Pre sale

In addition to the normal business connection of the professional sales team, for the projects in the planning period or even the design period, relying on the advantages of deep localization of lodinson industrial base, our technical team can directly participate in the side of each customer, customize the technical solutions suitable for your needs, and the perfect supply and selection system can certainly provide you with preliminary planning We can get enough support and confidence at the right time. Of course, any supplier can not say that it can fully meet the ever-changing on-site requirements. However, based on the deep localization of the production base, all non-standard and customized requirements can also be designed by our technical team. After in-depth communication with each customer with such needs, we can carry out the factory in a standardized production mode Within the internal conversion, quality, quantity and time limit to reach your designated destination.
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On sale

The intensive display mode of big data in Rodinson production site reflects the dynamics of each order at all times. Customers can easily get the order status after contacting the sales team, which is convenient for customers to control each rhythm. When the customer's demand changes, the real-time production dynamic information can also reflect the current progress and consumption, which is convenient for the cost team to quickly calculate the relevant information In the follow-up, we will modify the order for our customers at very low cost and conversion cost to minimize your loss. We will always be around the customer and take the customer's demand as our responsibility. Lodinson is a solid backing that every customer can rely on.

After sale

We have basic confidence in the quality and technology of Rodinson products. Lodinson generally provides quality guarantee or warranty period higher than the industry standard for its product lines. If you have any questions about the on-site use, you can contact us at any time. Lodinson will reach a technical training agreement with each customer according to the situation of each customer, and will appoint experienced product engineers to instruct the customers The designated personnel (people) provide technical guidance not limited to their own products. For the product quality feedback occurred on site, lotingson after-sales team will trace all cases to the end and provide practical, effective and feasible solutions. For quality incidents caused by over warranty or human factors, in addition to charging extremely low maintenance fees according to relevant regulations, it will also try to find its own reasons in the system and try to eliminate them in the subsequent service. Don't ask others what they have done. Do your own every step first. This is the creed of Rodinson after-sales team.